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The PupJoy Post

Bye, Bye Dog Friendly

Are you doggedly dedicated to attracting pup-parents in your communities? Well, maybe you should be...

Over 50% of your prospective tenants are dog owners. Dogs are often the "children" for many multifamily building residents, and they seek out communities that cater to their family's lifestyle.


In Dog Years

The 1990's We all knew to "Be Kind, Rewind" (for the younger crowd, it was a VHS thing... see VHS was a... ahh, nevermind) and you reluctantly began accepting dogs in your properties.

The 2000's The iPod arrived and dog-friendly became the standard for your properties. But like "1000 songs in your pocket" (likely a few of these guilty pleasures), all things change.

Present Day Now parents stream shows 24/7 just for their dogs, and you best be at the head of the pack with perks to attract them. Welcome to the new day of dog-dedicated.

We Americans LOVE our pups. The APPA estimates that over 60 million housholds own a dog. And the numbers are surging with millenial renters. That equates to a lot of prospects.

With your margins getting squeezed, experts say one of the most effective strategies is to utilize amenities to reach and retain dog parents. 64% of them give their dogs holiday gifts, and 45% on their birthdays. Nuff' said...


"It's all bout' the Benji's now baby!"


Here are 5 tips from Updater.com to help attract dog owners:

  • Get to know your dog parents. (and their dogs!) Pet-centric events and creative amenities are a great way to engage them. Understand their profiles and make sure to educate them on policies.
  • Show that you care. Focus on their experience and their lifestyle.
  • Give them white glove treatment. Make their lives more convenient.
  • Keep it clean ya'll. Make waste cleanup a priority. It benefits everyone.
  • Stay on top of the latest trends and innovations for pet amenities. They'll appreciate it.


Ready To Delight Them?

We've got turnkey programs with goodie boxes, online dog owner education, and interactive content. They are perfect for welcome packages, lease renewals, birthdays or any seasonal events, and an easy way for you to deliver some joy into your resident relationships.

In the wise words of Oprah, "Anybody that gets you anything for your dogs, you loooove them!"

And now, some happy tails...