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10 Dog Social Media Accounts to Brighten Your Day


Most internet aficionados know what an influencer is: a brand ambassador with millions of followers and some serious social media sway.

Even doggos can become influencers — and some of them make bank. According to a Vox interview with a pet talent agent, some of these superstar pups make $15,000 per Instagram post!

Chances are you’ve heard of household hound names like Doug the Pug, Jiffpom, and Marnie the Dog. On Twitter, WeRateDogs and Thoughts of Dog also make headlines on the regular.

There are tons of social media accounts dedicated to pooches, but most of the listicles on Google feature these same celebrity canines who already have millions of fans. The top dog social media accounts we’ve listed here are slightly less “pawpular” and deserve a little puppy love!


5 top dog Twitter accounts

  1. Ernie and Berti (@berti_and_ernie)

    In addition to posting uplifting quotes and tons of heartwarming dog pics, this Twitter account shares the adventures of a smiley Airedale rescue named Berti and a sprightly chocolate Lab named Ernie.


    The pup parents of this dynamic duo also created Glorious.Dog, where you’ll find even more wholesome content dedicated to woofers. Glorious.Dog also signal boosts rescue pups in need of a loving home on Twitter. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new four-legged friend!

  2. Golden Retriever Channel (@goldretrieverus)


    Calling all Golden lovers! For more wholesome content like this, head over to Golden Retriever Channel and get ready to say “Aww!”

    Golden Retriever Channel hosts a weekly contest called #TongueOutTuesday which invites pet parents to share pics of (you guessed it) their puppers sticking their tongues out:


    Golden Retriever Channel also shares user-submitted content from Instagram and Twitter, so get your Golden ready, strike a pose, and tag GRC for a chance at social media stardom.

  3. Bunsen Berner (@bunsenbernerbmd)

    The “Twitter Science Dog” makes learning fun and oh so adorable! Bunsen the Bernese Mountain Dog is one heckin’ smart pupper. Most pics and videos of Bunsen come with tidbits of trivia:


Bunsen even has his own clothing line and “pawdcast” where you can learn more about all things science from Bunsen’s dad and special guests.

  1. Fenwick (@fenwickcho)

    This beautiful black Lab is the “Chief Happiness Officer” at PACTA, a contract management company based in Canada. When he’s not working, Fenwick spreads the love and signal boosts other doggos who haven’t quite achieved social media stardom.

    He’s also a chatty canine who lends a helping paw to grieving pet parents or those who just need a pick-me-up:


    Follow Fenwick’s adventures on Twitter and show his account to your boss. Maybe it’ll convince your workplace to adopt its own office dog…

  2. Honeybun (@honeybun667)

    This doggo doesn’t let cerebral hypoplasia get her down! Honey’s mom describes her as a “handicapable” rescue doggie, and judging from this adorable video, we’d have to agree!

    Sweet Honey relies on her wheelchair and hydrotherapy sessions to stay active. Lend a helping paw to this fur-baby and find updates on her condition on Honey’s GoFundMe page.

5 top dog Instagram accounts

  1. Wag! (@wag)

    Big dogs, small dogs, short dogs, tall dogs — Wag! Walking loves them all! When you book a walk with this on-demand dog walking service, you can rest easy knowing your pal is in good paws. No need to leave Lassie home alone while you work or run errands!


    The folks at Wag! also run a doggone adorable Instagram account, and they’ll even feature your pup — just use the hashtag #WagWalking and get ready to go viral.

  2. Otis Barkington (@otisbarkington)

    This Boston Terrier is more photogenic than most human models. Just check out those poses!



    When he’s not strutting his stuff for the camera, little Otis can usually be found camping or blazing a trail out in the wild blue yonder. Keep up with his adventures on Insta, and maybe he’ll inspire you and your pup to have some adventures of your own!

  3. BorderNerd (@bordernerd)

    This professional photographer pawsitively loves dogs — when she’s not snapping adorable photos like the ones below, she’s busy training, rescuing, and writing books. She’s also a former search and rescue dog trainer!


    Check her out for some truly elaborate pup photoshoots:


  4. Annie & Paddington (@anniepaddington)

    Don’t let his frown fool you: this sweet Shar Pei loves his feline friends!


    He also likes to play dress up:



    Need we say more?

  5. Rich Dogs of Instagram (@richdogsofig)Designer bags, gourmet meals, stacks of cash — the rich dogs of Insta are so. fetch. Follow their lavish lifestyles and get ready to go barking mad with envy.https://www.instagram.com/p/BgPOUdgFq9k/https://www.instagram.com/p/Be0XnVPH66S/


Still here? While we’ve got your attention, why not show your favorite doggy subscription box service a little social media love? Check out PupJoy on Twitter and Instagram. We’re a little biased, but we think our accounts are pretty “grrreat”, too!