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The PupJoy Post

15 Hilarious Photos of Good Dogs Being Bad


Our dogs are our best friends, but sometimes they can be complete jerks! Try to get through these 15 naughty dog photos without laughing out loud.

1. "My house was under attack by a new $700 Roomba. I saved us."

$700 Roomba

2. "I went into my mom's purse while she was asleep, ate a tube of bright red lipstick, and chewed up three $1 bills."


3. "It's me Finley. I ate the house cleaner's flip flops and she had to go home with no shoes in the rain."


4. "I took 4 sticks of butter from the grocery bag. Ate 2, smeared the 3rd in the couch. Mom is still searching for the 4th."


5. "Sometimes I sleep on the laundry pile and sometimes I pee on it."


6. "My name is Chanel. I ate NINE hotdogs off of the counter. Now I have "clear the room" gas."


7. "I pantsed a guy at the dog park."

download (1)

8. "I sleep under moms desk chair and fart every 30 seconds."

download (2)

9. "I broke your toilet seat. My bad."


10. "I ate $121.00!!"

121 Dollars

11. "I sat on my brother & broke him."


12. "She put me on a diet so I ate her shoe."


13. "Mommy & Daddy adopted me last month. I said thank you by eating their kitchen cabinets for lunch (and then threw up on the new couch)."


14. "0 days since the last toilet paper massacre."

Toilet Paper Masacre

15. "I ate 13 keys off my Dad's laptop. Now I have the alphabet poops!"

Alphabet Poops