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The PupJoy Post

Signs You Like Your Dog More Than Your BF

By Sandie Lee via FetchFind


You have two very special “beings” in your life: your amazing dog and your wonderful boyfriend.  They both make you sigh with love and your heart leap-for-joy when you think about seeing them.

However, is there one that tips the fondness-meter a bit more than the other?  Do your affections for your furbaby has surpassed those for the man in your life?

Check out these 19 signs that you might like your dog more.

And if you recognize yourself in any of these, don’t worry your secret is safe with us.

#1) You know when your dog “just isn’t right,” but assume your BF is being quiet tonight because he’s torn-up about his favorite sports team losing. You give your pooch extra kisses to soothe his pain, but don’t ask bae about his deflated mood because you’re afraid he might tell you about it…over and over and over.

#2) You call your dog and leave gushy messages on your answering machine, just so he can hear your voice, before you remember to shoot a quick text to your “significant” other to see how his day is going.

#3) Weeks before those special occasions roll around, you spend days looking for the perfect gift for your dog, while your boyfriend’s gift is purchased day-of (and let’s be honest, not much thought went into it).

#4) You order extra when you go out for dinner with your man so you will have leftovers for your hungry-pal waiting at home AND possibly steal from boo’s plate—to donate to the doggy-bag—when he’s not looking.  After all the pup deserves fancy food, too!

#5) You take every opportunity to indulge in selfies with your pup that fill up your phone but only have a few scattered throughout of yourself and the bae.

#6) There are more photos scattered around your home of your dog then your boyfriend, and the frames are all in glitter with hearts stuck to them.

#7) The ridiculously cute face your dog makes when eating peanut butter is your laptop wallpaper, not the pic from last week’s romantic evening out with your man.

#8) When out for ice cream, you let your beloved canine lick the yummy treat with you, but shoot your guy a look that could shatter glass when he asks for a bite!

#9) Having matching outfits with your dog is an awesome day out together, cause you know if you make that suggestion to the bf he is going to run in the other direction.

#10) The ringtone on your cell phone is that special bark your pooch has when you come home from a long day, not that sweet, albeit a tad annoying ringtone your boyfriend purchased for you so you always know it’s him calling.

#11) You feel free to grab your pooches’ paws and dance around the living room belting out Adele’s new song, but wouldn’t be caught dead dancing with your man in public… people can be so judgy!

#12) You look forward to playing in the park to enjoy the fresh air with other doggy pet parents, but going for a jog with the bf sounds like a lot of effort.

#13) When your guy comes over you make him sit wherever the dog doesn’t want to sleep.  If that preference should change over the course of the evening, the bf has to move!

#14) If taking off on a vacation together, it’s not a question as to IF the dog is going, but rather is there a pet-friendly hotel in a 50-mile radius. It doesn’t matter if said hotel is farther away from the beach —that’s what cabs are for!

#15) On lunch break at work or school, you brag more about your canine-cuddler than the awesome raise your boyfriend got!

#16) When the boyfriend is yammering on about…whatever…you make plans in your head about buying that perfect new dog toy for your best furry friend…and, of course, that cute little bum-wiggle she has when she gets a new toy.

#17) When it’s bedtime you make sure your pup has ALL the room she needs even if it means the BF has to sleep hanging onto the edge.

#18) When you leave the apartment you make a note to say bye to the pup but sometimes neglect to say bye to your guy.

#19) Before you leave for work you make sure your beloved canine has all her fav toys, fresh cold water and a fan pointing at her crate on those stuffy hot days…while the BF is a big boy who can surely take care of himself.