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The PupJoy Post

3 Reasons Organic is Going to the Dogs


As the benefits about organic diets continue to gain awareness, many dog parents wonder if dietary changes can help their dogs too. Does the value of organic food really extend to pups? Consider the potential benefits. 




Allergies and Sensitivities

Many dogs have dog food allergies and intolerances that can be caused by specific grains or proteins, as well as artificial additives, chemicals and fillers. A sensitivity to a particular ingredient might cause an upset stomach or other digestive issues (AKA frequent farts). An allergy normally results in skin irritations, excessive itching and scratching, and sometimes repeated ear infections.

If your pup suffers from these, you understand how frustrating it can be and you’ve likely tried a lot of things – shampoos, medication, premium dog foods - only to have your poor pup still itching and scratching. Do organic dog foods provide any hope? Maybe.

Organic all-natural dog treats and food contain quality protein and grain sources, and many common allergy-triggers are eliminated. This generally helps a healthy dog’s immune system flourish (much like healthy, organic foods do for ours) and it helps your pup with better chances of combating skin infections and allergies. Organic products are also free of artificial colors and flavor enhancers, chemical additives and toxic pesticides. All of which could potentially be sources of your dog’s allergies.


Weight Watchers

Sometimes our dogs need a little weight watching too. An organic diet can help your pup lose weight and exercise more. Since the nutritional value of organic food and treats is likely higher (no bulk fillers, additives, etc), your dog may actually need to eat less to be satisfied, and doesn’t get a bunch of empty calories. Plus, the added energy from a healthy diet helps with better walks and play time to burn off the bellies and maintain healthy hearts!


Holistic Health

Even if you dog is lucky enough not to suffer from skin issues, digestive problems, or a little too much junk in the trunk, an organic diet can still be beneficial. Organic foods provide better quality sources of nutrition which are more digestible. Dogs are more likely to absorb the nutrients they need and their systems have an easier job to do with healthy ingredients and no artificial chemicals or fillers. This means fewer digestive issues (AKA fewer farts!) and less poop, but providing better quality nutrition can also improve your pup’s overall health, strengthen the immune system and provide more energy. Just like us, the quality of our dog’s diets affects the way they look, feel, and act.


Of course, if your dog has any serious issues such as vomiting, frequent gas, bloating, diarrhea, or others, consult with your veterinarian for underlying issues. But an organic diet might be an option to help your pup with a long, happy and healthy life.