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The PupJoy Post

Apartment Living for your Pup!


Americans spend approximately $70 Billion on their pets in 2018 and the growing trend to humanize pets and treat them like children has become big business for pet-friendly apartments.

Not everyone can provide a big spacious, fenced-in yard but the good news is your dog can lead a healthy, happy live in apartments or condo complexes. If you have a pup in the household, you need to be sure to include dog-friendly features on your must-have list.

Here are some factors to look for as you search for a home for you and your four-legged pal from our friends at PetLifeToday.com.

Dog-Friendly Flooring

Even if your pup is fully house-trained and doesn’t shed much, he/she will occasionally track mud into the house. Dogs often carry a mouthful of their food into another room or slobber on their toys, which end up on the floor. This is why it’s important to consider what type of flooring you want in your apartment.

While carpeting can work, understand that it will take some extra maintenance on your part. Vacuuming regularly is a must, and you might also need to spring for steam cleaning once per year; check with your landlord before arranging this service, though.

Hardwood, linoleum, and tile flooring are easier to clean. Hardwood does show pet fur, so it will need to be swept or vacuumed often. Wood laminate floors can be scratched by a large dog, so if yours tends to run around, be sure to keep his or her nails trimmed.

Enough Room to Accommodate the Zoomies

If you own a dog, you know what the zoomies are: it’s when Fido or Fluffy starts zooming around the house for no reason at all, commonly in the middle of the night. A tiny apartment won’t accommodate this very well. Be sure that you’re getting an apartment with enough square footage that will allow for some running-off of energy, particularly when you’re not home to play and take walks.

Outdoor Space (for Dogs)

Dogs need to take walks on a daily basis if possible. Try to find an apartment that has a dog park or walking trails that allow pets. If you choose a place that requires driving to get to an appropriate place to exercise your dog, think long and hard about whether you can make that commitment. Also keep in mind that if you hire a dog-walker, they will probably charge extra if they have to transport your dog by car to a green area. Be sure to check out the surroundings carefully to find a place where you can take your dog for a walk.

An Entertaining View

If you have a dog, he/she may love to be entertained by the world outside with a great window view. However, if you've got a barker, you might want to think twice about the view. Seeing neighborhood creatures or people out the window could create barking that might have your landlord and neighbors barking mad. 

Dog-Friendly Landlord and Neighbors

Speaking of your landlord and neighbors, it’s important that you are open about your pets and that you don’t try to skirt the rules. 

Breaking the rules by sneaking in an extra animal or by disregarding the weight limit of the apartment, or not following clean-up procedures (eg pick up your poop!) could result in a lot of dirty looks, fines, or, worse, being kicked out of the complex. 

Looking for a few dog-friendly features in your new apartment will make life happier and less stressful for you, your dog, and your neighbors, so be sure to take the time to evaluate all of your options carefully. 

The industry has shifted significantly, and lots of landlords and property managers are eager to offer amenities to attract dog-parents like you. On average, dog parents stay in their rentals longer and are more profitable. Many even offer PupJoy goodie boxes to help welcome the most important member of your family into their new home. So weigh all the features, and remember that you and your dog are a catch!