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The PupJoy Post

Born In The USA, with Adam Baker

In this episode of Pets Mean Business, Dustin McAdams talks to Adam Baker of Soda Pup, a self-described ‘corporate refugee turned entrepreneur’. After years working for major consumer goods companies, including Nike, Under Armour and Crocs, Baker has gone to the dogs, where he is innovating the durable dog toy category and has committed to keeping manufacturing jobs for his products in the United States.

Listen as Dustin and Adam discuss the hot topic of  "Made in America", competing and thriving with higher cost American labor, protecting your retail channels and socially responsible practices.




Giving Back: Adam also serves on the board of International Hearing Dog, an organization committed to training shelter dogs to help folks who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. It is a wonderful organization that has dual benefit, for the dogs rescued from shelters as well as the people in need of their help.

He has an ask of you the listener: Help spread the word of IHD and help to raise the funds needed to train and place a dog like Daffodil. All of the rescued shelter dogs cost $10,000 to care for, train, and place.

Daffodil is a IHD dog that is going to New Mexico at the end of July to be placed with her recipient, Terri, who was diagnosed with hearing loss between birth and two years old due to nerve deafness. Her hearing loss also affects her balance and she can have walking issues at times and she experiences isolation and depression. Terri states, "I live alone, and suffer from anxiety as well as being deaf. I would love a hearing dog, not only to assist me, but also have a calming effect. I believe a hearing dog will boost my confidence and self-reliance, especially as I get older. I have never had a dog, nor grew up with one, so I'm excited to have a loving and supportive companion in my life."