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The PupJoy Post

Buying Homes Has Gone To The Dogs

Millennials are making up the largest share of home buyers for the fourth year running and their four-legged friends are a major influence on the decisions they make when buying a home.

The desire to give one's dog the best life possible is one that real estate brokers see frequently among their millennial clientele, among others. Savvy realtors are jumping on the bandwagon to connect with pet owners on a deeper level by looking out not only for their client but also for their four-legged friends.

According to a recent by SunTrust Mortgage 42% of millennials who had never bought a home said that their dog, or the desire to have one, would be a key factor in their decision to get on the property ladder.

Millennials and Dogs in Home Buying Decisions

Savvy Realtors Connect via Furbabies

Millennials are likely going to dominate the percentage of new home buyers for the next ten to twelve years. They look at their dog as a part of the family more than ever before, and for some, their dog's happiness has become one of the primary motivations to own their home. Millennials see their furbabies are much more than cute companions—they’re starter children.

Here are some tips on how to connect with Doggy Parents:

Include Their Dog In The Process

Connecting over their dogs is very powerful. Showing you understand and have thought about their needs will differentiate yourself from just the norm! Knowing the breed of the dog and its activity level is key. Is the yard big enough and secure? Is there a quiet room to leave the dog if they are at work all day? Is the dog going to bark a lot because the sidewalk is too close to a window? Also, a quick search to find out how many dog parks are nearby or if there are pet-friendly running paths could make a big difference. If the dog loves water maybe there is a lake nearby!

Be a Dog-Friendly Realtor

Attract clients by making it known that you're a dog-friendly realtor.  90 percent of Millennials share a photo of their pet three times a week on average, and 17 percent even have separate social media accounts for their pets. Check their social media and be active in posting about your furbaby! It is very important to be part of this world...as realtors strive to keep up with digital trends connecting through doggyhood can go a long way…

Give Creative Gifts

Always have treats and toys!  As a leader in Realtor Closing gifts, PupJoy knows that you can bring a whole new world of excitement to your clients and their pup as they unbox joy with personally tailored boxes of dog goodies. This connection over animals runs deep and can last a lifetime.  

The PupJoy Realtor Portal is tailor made for Savvy Realtors and allows you to purchase gifts (holidays, birthdays, post closing, etc) for your customers, as either individual customer orders or a bulk upload of a customer list. You can choose from a single gift box or four quarterly deliveries to stay top of mind with customers. You can also personalize thank you notes and include your picture and logo as well. All with a built-in 10% discount.