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Dog Owners: You've Gotta See These 11 Gorgeous (Dog Friendly!) Airbnbs

Airbnb has been having a bit of a tough time lately. They seem to have reached a crossroads — what started as an authentic, non-touristy travel experience has (ironically) become the primary source of tourism for cities in the U.S. and abroad.

It’s an existential, controversial issue. But at PupJoy, we really only care about one thing.

Can we bring the dog?

Regardless of what happens in Airbnb’s future, the fact remains that it’s one of the best sources for affordable, unique — and most importantly, dog friendly — travel accommodations all over the globe.

We thought we’d give them some love by highlighting some of the coolest Airbnb’s around.

First things first — you need to know how to search for rentals that welcome your furry friend.

When you enter your criteria for your stay (date, location, price range, etc.) and reach the results page, click on “Filters” to open up several options.


Dog Friendly Vacation Rental Search | PupJoy Post


Scroll down to “House Rules” and click “Pets allowed.”


Airbnb dog friendly rental search | PupJoy Post


Boom. Now you’ll only see options where Fido’s allowed.

But wait — there’s a loophole!

If you find a non-pet-friendly listing you really love, send the host a message asking if you can bring your well-behaved (your dog is well-behaved, right?) dog along with you.

It also helps to mention your dog in your profile, along with information like his breed, weight, special qualities (loves children, non-shedding, etc.).

Of course, they may say no, but in my experience most people are willing to try it. If you do end up staying with your dog, ask your host to mention how good he was in their review.


Okay. Now check out the 11 coolest, dog-friendly Airbnb’s on the planet. Woof!


B&B historic building Chiavenna, Chiavenna, Lombardy, Italy

This is basically everything you imagine, when you fantasize about staying in Italy. The host only speaks Italian, and she makes you breakfast every morning. Looks like she has a kitty though, so keep that in mind.


Treehouse wood Maure, Château-Bernard, Rhône-Alpes, France

Hope your dog isn’t afraid of heights. Can you imagine staying in a freaking treehouse? You and your best bud can hike and run around on the mountainside, and if you need a dose of civilization it’s about ten minutes away.


Apartment with a view of the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Have breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) on the terrace with a panoramic view of Paris. If you can ever tear yourself away from the view, the metro is right downstairs.


Troglodyte House (aka CAVE), Montrechard, Centre, France 

When you get sick of hanging out in the cave, you can take a dip in the pool outside.


Château historique et familial, Autricourt, Burgandy, France

You (and your dog, and 15 of your friends) can rent this historic castle that dates back to the 11th century.


The house of Aurora Borealis, Tromsø, Troms, Norway

Get your aurora on! And your snowshoe! And your sled! And your rowboat! And your trampoline! Just make sure your dog is okay with cats.


Casa com vista - Praia do Félix, Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brazil

It’s a glass house. In the jungle. At the very least, your dog will have plenty to look at. Oh, and the beach is 300 meters away.


1 Acre Private Island with Cottage, Hinesburg, VT, United States

This cabin in the woods is situated on your own private island. Plenty of room for some canine adventures. (Maybe don’t go in the winter though?)


Off-grid Adobe Dome in the Desert, Terlingua, TX, United States

This dome is in an area that is under the dark sky ordinance, which means no annoying city lights for miles. And sooo many stars. R2D2 not included.


TUGBOAT! Seattle, WA, United States

As long as your dog has his sea legs, you can live it up on this luxe tugboat docked in the Salmon Bay harbor, which is basically right downtown.


Rosie Gypsy Wagon Cornwall, Helston, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Stay in a traditional Romany Bow Top Gypsy caravan for a sexy glamping experience. There are cows nearby — bet your dog will like that.

Of course, most of us use Airbnb for out-of-town weddings and long weekends. We’re not usually traipsing off to France.

But if we were traipsing off to France, we wouldn’t want to leave our best friend behind, would we?

No. I didn’t think so.