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The PupJoy Post

How We Help Those That Do Good, Do Better


The notion that profit maximization is the sole purpose of business is outdated, and it's shortsighted in my opinion. Like many of you, I prefer to spend my money with businesses that stand for something more. I'm far more loyal to companies that have value beyond just the products that I buy. When I decided to build one of my own, social responsibility was at the core of PupJoy's design.  




Our Pack. Our Purpose.

We know we aren't going to solve the world's biggest problems (at least not today), but we believe we can help make it better. We can help impact lives and communities. We can make a difference. Our approach is pretty simple - we deliver joy and we're committed to principles that we believe in. 

This is how we've taken some first steps. 

Aside from our own charitable programs, we've made a conscious decision to partner with small, independent companies who are socially responsible, and in their own ways make a difference as well. It's a multiplying effect. We actively seek artisan manufacturers who have a passion for high quality, companies who are environmentally conscious, and who find their own authentic ways to give back to those in need. We build lasting relationships with them. They are our partners and friends, not just suppliers. 

We're developing a sustaining model - an ecosystem of sorts - where a connected community of compassionate consumers, like you, along with responsible small businesses has a value far greater than the sum its parts. It's communal support for the little guy that are doing things the right way. It's collective help for important causes close to our hearts. And it's a way for us all to help those that do good, do well. 

These are a just few examples of our partners, and some of the good stuff they do. We'll profile more in the future. Until then, we'd love to hear your ideas on how we can expand the power of the pack to make a difference.  Email us at bark@pupjoy.com



Good Reasons

A not for profit dog treat company from North Salem, NY with a great mission. They create human-grade all natural dog treats (their head chef is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America), while providing employment opportunities to people with autism and other developmental disabilities, helping them to live a more productive and integrated life.



Be Pawsitive

Dallas, TX based Be Pawsitive produces healthy organic dog treats and they also give back to help dogs in shelters and rescues through a "buy one, give one" program. This helps to increase adoption rates. Animal shelters use the treats during obedience training to help get them ready for new homes. Dogs that are leash trained and obedient are adopted at a much faster rate. 



Bare It All

A great company (and our Chicago neighbor), Bare It All has wonderful three-fold mission - produce healthy clear labeled pet treats, financially help animal rescues, and reduce the Asian Carp epidemic in our waterways. 

(in their own words) We were looking into food and treat options for our beloved rescue dogs and noticed that most food out in the market is really not very good.  On top of that, most pet food packages are EXTREMELY misleading, full of catchy phrases and buzz words to make them sound healthy but in reality, not healthy at all.  It was at this time we decided to do something about it. We wanted to start a company based on honesty and transparency, where our customers know exactly what their pets are eating and the benefit each ingredient plays in their dog's health.  We did more research into the ingredients we wanted to use and came up with a plan: feature limited ingredients, no unnecessary fillers, use ingredients our customers know about and are comfortable with, and use sustainably grown/produced ingredients wherever possible. So we had our plan, we had our ideals, we just needed a healthy protein source that 1) dogs would like 2) dogs aren't generally allergic to and 3) is sustainable.

It was around this time that we learned about the Asian Carp epidemic that has been plaguing the Midwest and things immediately clicked.  "So we have an incredibly healthy, sustainable product in our back yard that is an invasive species and it doesn't currently have any uses? Perfect!" Turns out that Asian Carp have a very similar nutritional profile as to Salmon, but do not have any of the Mercury concerns because they don't eat other fish.




Benji's Farm

Benji's Farm was founded in 2015 (Bayport, NY) by a health and wellness teacher and a PhD botanist. Their premium quality treats are functional, organic, grain free and GMO free, formulated to make dogs happy and help keep them healthy. They also partner with NYC based Animal Relief Fund, providing both financial and product donations. 


Beco Pet

Headquartered across the pond in London, Beco Pet is a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly pet toys and accessories. Wherever possible Beco products are made from natural, renewable and recycled materials. 




Cycle Dog

Portland, OR based Cycle Dog reclaims over 100,000 discarded bike inner tubes every year, saving 30 tons from landfills and creating innovative hand sewn dog toys and accessories.





Bait Free

Also a Chicago neighbor, Bait Free produces high quality dog collars, leashes and apparel to support its mission in spreading awareness of the use of bait dogs and other survivors of dog fighting. Over 20% of the proceeds from each sale are donated to animal rescue organizations to medically support those dogs that are lucky enough to be rescued.  




Bo's Bones

Based in Etna, NY, Bo's makes some of the best gourmet organic (honey rich) dog biscuits that you can find, and they support animal shelters and rescues too. 




Simply Fido

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, SimplyFido makes wonderful organic toys, through low ecological impact manufacturing, perfect for the eco-conscious dog parent (and our planet).



Planet Dog

Westbrook, ME based Planet Dog has been a industry leader in social responsibility, since 1997. Their eco-friendly, sustainable dog toys are 100% guaranteed and their foundation has donated over $1M to canine organizations in need. 





Dog For Dog

You may have seen them on TV, Dog For Dog has a great "buy one, give one" model, donating a equal amount to dogs in need for every purchase. (and their all natural peanut "dogsbutter" tastes pretty amazing!)







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