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The PupJoy Post

Is Your Dog Packing?

Packing for a trip is hard enough but packing for your dog - talk about ruff! We asked some of our pet-friendly hotels for advice on what to pack when dog is traveling with you.

Here is what they said...

1. Check that your microchip contact info is up to date!! You would be surprised how many dogs end up at a shelter because they get loose and the owners can't be found. So be sure your info is updated and the chip is working. In fact it is a good idea to have it checked every year at your pet's annual check-up!  Incidents happen and just in case your dog decides to bolt for freedom this should have you and your BFF reconnected in no time!

2. Make sure their leash and harness/collar is in good working order. Your pup is going to be experiencing a lot of new stuff on the trip and may be a little nervous at times. Make sure they are not going to slip out of a collar, have hardware that fails, and hey... you just want them to look stylish too:) 

3. Carriers or folding fabric kennels can be great for safety, and your dog's sense of security. If you don't have one, or don't have room, consider a warn sweatshirt to give them the comforting smell of you when you are not with them. 

4. Collapsible water bowls are great for the travelling pup. Easy to carry along when you are out and the clean up is simple. If you are staying at a hotel that provides PupJoy welcome boxes, we already have you covered on this!

5. Pre-portioning your pup's food in Ziplock bags not only makes things easier for measuring dinners or if you need to take a single meal on the go, but also puts you at a lot less risk of a suitcase or a bag full of food. 

6. Scan your dog's key medical records, or better yet use cloud-based a service like Figo's Pet Cloud that allows you to store all of your records and connect to veterinary professionals in case of emergency. Take any medications in original packaging or take a photo of the medicine name just in case you lose it. 

7. Research and plan fun activities. Many pet-friendly hotels will be able to give you a list of pet parks, hikes and trails, daycare, pet walkers and sitters, pet-friendly restaurants and more. A little research before you go will make sure you will have an unFURgettable time!


Traveling with you pup is so much fun. I hope our tips help you keep you happy and safe on your travels!