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How To Keep Your Pups' Paws Safe This Summer

It’s summer and you know what that means – heat, heat, and more heat. Do you know what else that means? A hot ground. While humans get to wear shoes to protect their feet from the summer heat, dogs don’t – and that can mean burnt paws. So, here are some tips on keeping your dog’s paws safe this summer.

Walk at the Right Time

Try and limit your daily walks to the mornings and late evenings when the temperature isn’t as high. Asphalt is coolest in the mornings and late evenings and should be cool enough for your pup to walk on.

Toughen Up Their Paws

During the non-summer months, walk your pup on the pavement and asphalt to essentially “toughen-up” their paw pads. They’ll become more resistant to scratches and burns. Although it will take some time, it’ll be worth it when they have a bit of built-in protection.

Walk on the Grass

If you absolutely have to walk your dog during the day, try keeping them on grass rather than the sidewalk.

Enlist the Help of Paw Wax

Since dogs aren’t always the biggest fan of shoes, using paw wax can help protect their paw pads from outdoor elements like heat, gravel, chemicals, and sand.

Or, Try Dog Shoes

If your dog is a fan of shoes, use dog booties. Pups who can tolerate booties will have the best protection against the hot summer pavement. Try to get ones with rubber or neoprene soles.

Check Their Paws Often

Regardless of when you walk your dog, always make sure to check their paws after a walk. It’s not always obvious when they have gravel or a blister and wounds like these are easier to treat when they are fresh. Letting them go untreated can cause even more problems and even lead to an infection.

With a few preventatives and some change in walk times, your pups paws will be safe from the summer elements.