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Missing 3-Year Old Girl Kept Safe By Her Dog

Rescue a Dog, Rescue a Human

During one of the coldest stretches of February 2016, 3-year old Victoria slipped out of her home unnoticed, wandered away, and became lost in the vast wooded area behind her family’s home.

Victoria and her best friend Blue walked outside in search of the other family dog, Rusty — only, Rusty was safe and sound in the house. After hours of walking, Victoria grew tired and settled down on the ground.

The Town Searches for Victoria and Blue

Cordes Lakes, AZ is a small, rural town. The community was shaken by the news of the missing girl. For more than 15-hours, searchers scoured every square inch of the wooded area behind the family’s home. They expanded their search into a wider area when they didn’t find her.

The rescue groups on foot couldn’t find her, and panic was rising. 

Helicopter Spots Missing Girl in Woods

After 15 hours of frantic searching, a helicopter pilot spotted Victoria.

She was lying in a dry, but frozen, creek bed.

Her dog Blue was lying right next to her.

Blue Saves Her Favorite Human

Blue, a Queensland Heeler, has been bonded to Victoria since the girl was born. She stayed by Victoria's side, keeping her safe all night long.

Temperatures dipped well below freezing, and the dog kept Victoria warm.

When first responders arrived, Blue was being protective and keeping them at bay. But, when Victoria stood, smiled, and gave the ok, Blue relaxed and allowed medics to take them to the helicopter.

Victoria had frostbite, but her family believes that Blue saved her life by keeping her from freezing in the frigid creek.

A sheriff’s office spokesman said that “the dog kept her alert, warm, and gave her companionship throughout a very cold night.”

Dog Saves the Day

The story of Victoria and Blue is just one of thousands of tales where a loyal dog saves their family from harm. That's why it’s so important to help save dogs, too.

If you can’t adopt a rescue dog, consider buying from businesses that invest part of their proceeds into charities that help animal rescue organizations.

PupJoy donates $2 from every dog gift subscription box to the BISSELL Foundation, which works with animal rescue groups to save homeless dogs who would otherwise be euthanized in shelters.

Just think — saving a dog's life might safe a human life, too.

You can view the whole story of Victoria and Blue here.