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3 Natural Remedies for Your Dog's Upset Tummy

Does your pup have a sensitive stomach? Dogs are just like people; not every dog can tolerate every food.

And then there are those pups who eat grass, garbage, poo, and anything else they can find... only to pay the price later on.

If your pooch is vomiting or experiencing diarrhea, it's pretty obvious his belly hurts. But be on the lookout for more subtle signs, too — decreased appetite, lower energy, or just general crankiness.

Of course, if you sense any truly out-of-the-ordinary behavior, high-tail it to the vet. In the meantime, here are 3 natural remedies for an upset dog tummy.

These options will help with a sensitive stomach, whether it's something he ate, or a typical stress response. For severe digestive issues, consult your vet.


1) Greek Yogurt for Healthy Digestion

Greek yogurt delivers high quality protein and a source of good fat for your pup. Plus, they LOVE it. But it has another key benefit — probiotics.

By now we're all aware that probiotics promote healthy digestion in humans. Well, the same is true for your dog.

The probiotics in Greek yogurt (bonus points if it’s made from pastured, grass-eating cows), help your pooch digest his food. And the dairy will soothe his stomach.

If your dog has persistent belly aches, Greek yogurt is a great addition to his food.

Depending on your dog’s weight, you can give him as little as a teaspoon to as much as a cup of yogurt per day.


2) Kefir for Gut Health

Kefir is basically fermented milk. It's similar to yogurt, but more potent and less thick.

The average Greek yogurt contains around 1 billion probiotics, while quality kefir will contain upwards of 50 billion.

Kefir has a stronger, sour taste, so your pup might not take to it right away. But a few tablespoons mixed into his food every day (or as needed), can give him a big boost in digestion and gut health, not to mention a dose of protein, fat, b12, and calcium.


3) Pumpkin for Upset Stomachs

Pumpkin is a great belly soother in dogs of all ages. Not only do they love it for some weird reason, pumpkin works for both constipation AND diarrhea. The fiber in pumpkin helps get things moving, OR it can bind to loose stools and firm things up.

A few spoonfuls with dinner will calm even the most most nervous dog bellies.

In the summer, frozen pumpkin makes a great treat to cool your dog down.

Make sure to always use 100% pumpkin purée, with no added ingredients. (Canned is fine, just make sure it doesn't contain any additives.)

Pumpkin provides fiber, Vitamin A, C, and magnesium.


To prevent upset stomachs, be sure to select treats that are easy on the digestive system. Because we all know who really pays the price for an upset dog tummy...