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It’s Official, Dog People Love Dogs More Than Humans

We know dog people love dogs more than non-dog people. But, did you know that dog people actually love dogs more than humans? According to a recent poll taken by Rover, 94% of dog owners consider their pups part of the family. While that statistic isn’t too shocking, another survey taken by People, showed some more unanticipated results.

The survey showed that nearly 75% of pup owners don’t hesitate to include their furry friends in holiday cards, vacations, marriage proposals and other life events.

As for social media – which goes hand in hand with life events – 65% of dog owners say they take more pictures of their dogs than their significant other or friends.

Twenty-nine percent of those people say they post more pictures of their pups on social media than their family, friends, or themselves.

The study went on to say that 47% of dog owners that have a significant other thought it was easier to leave their significant other than their dog.

In fact, 56% said they greeted their dogs immediately when they got home – even before their families or significant other.

More than 50% of dog owners surveyed even said they would think about ending a relationship if their furry companion didn’t like their human companion.

Because our love for our dogs is so strong, that may lead to some self-doubt. For the people in Rover poll, 3,000 dog owners admitted they searched “Does my dog love me?” on Google.

Thankfully, dogs definitely love their owners.

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Although these surveys may portray dog people as a bit crazy, it also justifies how numerous dog owners feel about their dogs.

And while some people may love their dogs more than others, other studies have proved that having a dog is good for humans. It makes us better humans by improving our mental and physical health.

In fact, research states that owning a dog can decrease stress levels in both adults and children. Dogs may also decrease the risk of asthma in children and help lower blood pressure.

Pup owners are also known to be more active than dog-free people. In fact, a recent study showed dog owners take nearly 3,000 more steps per day on average than those without a furry companion.

And, dog owners are even more active in winter. A new study showed dog owners were active for nearly 30 minutes more per day than those who don’t own a dog. And while all participants were less active on colder, shorter days, dog owners were still more active than dog-free humans.

So, next time someone says you love your dog too much, you can show them the facts or, you can just avoid them since you’re a dog person anyway.