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Teens Save Abandoned Puppy in the Woods

When two teenage boys from Leicester, Pennsylvania, were riding their bikes on a hot afternoon this past July 4th, they weren’t prepared for they spotted in the woods.

It was an abandoned Pit Bull puppy.

The puppy was abandoned and left in a plastic crate along with a bag of dry food and one can of wet food. The two teenagers, 13-year-old Sam Rice and 14-year-old Brady Thebeau, knew they couldn’t just leave the puppy in the woods.

So they decided to do something about it.

When the trio was found by a logger, he let the 3-5 month old puppy out of the crate and tied his leash in a shaded spot near the road.

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Sam told local reporters that Brad was straining to reach them and whimpering. The crate was covered in feces.

“He seemed like he hadn’t had attention in a long time. That’s what brought our attention to him, to give him some love and attention, so he could get well again,” Brad said.

The teenagers took the pup home, bathed him, washed his crate, and fed him. When the time came to name the handsome pup, they named him Brad – after Brad Pitt.

Once the puppy was clean, the duo contacted Animal Control. Brad’s case is under investigation and the police are looking to pursue animal cruelty charges once the person who abandoned the puppy is found.

Jim Hurley, Leicester Police Chief, personally reached out to Sam and Brady and thanked them during a press conference. Hurley presented both of them “with a certificate of excellence for their kind and generous actions.”

“Obviously if you two individuals had not taken action, this dog might not have survived, so thank you for being the good citizens that you are,” he said.

Although Brady and Sam wanted to keep Brad, both of their families already have pups of their own. Thankfully, though, the Leicester Police Department have been “completely overwhelmed” with adoption offers for sweet Brad!

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“We hope this dog finds a great home. I hope they have joy and love throughout this dog’s life,” Brady said.

The Leicester Police Department and Leicester Animal Control are offering a $500 reward for any information regarding the abandoned puppy that can lead to a conviction.