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The PupJoy Post

The Importance Of American Made Dog Treats And Toys

As consumers, we are presented with a vast variety of options and an equally varying price range. For many products, both for us and our pets, domestically produced options often offer more control over ingredients and materials to create a safer end product.

There have been numerous reports of products made outside of the United States containing unsafe levels of lead and other toxins. These reports extend from dishes, to children’s toys, to snacks and treats. Disturbingly, lead has also been found in a variety of dog toys. And since everything a dog plays with winds up in their mouths, being chewed on and all-too-often accidentally, partially ingested, owners are concerned about the situation.

To make matters worse, the dog treat and toy market is dominated by foreign manufacturers making it quite difficult to shop safely. Outside of the United States, manufacturing guidelines can be much less stringent, and with prices often as low as regulatory standards, the store shelves and internet troves are flooded with them.

Unlike other sectors of manufacturing, there is no regulating body that governs the safety of dog toys so it’s hard to designate what chemical levels are safe and unsafe in these products. Some people believe that pet toys should meet the same safety criteria as children’s toys and many consumers don’t consider the alternative a reasonable risk.

The FDA reports that thousands of pets have gotten sick and hundreds have lost their lives after eating dog treats made in China. And simply put, we love our pets too much to take the risk of becoming a statistic.

Purchasing American made treats and toys ensures the items have adhered to strict quality testing, regulations, and review— assuring they are the safest options for your pets. If buying American is important to you, check the labels of your toys and treats. The location of manufacture will always be noted. Don’t assume just because it is an American company, that production is done in America, always check the labels.