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Tips And Tricks For Moving With Your Dog

Moving is not easy feat. Between the packing, movers, and the actually moving it’s stressful just even thinking about it. Add a dog into the mix and the stress levels skyrocket. Dogs don’t understand what’s going on and don’t know that everything is going to be alright. But, there are certain tips and tricks to help make the move a bit less stressful. Here are seven of them.

Pick a Place With Your Pup in Mind

Certain types of dogs thrive in certain houses. For example, high energy pups will benefit from a large backyard or a nearby dog park whereas older dogs can’t get up and down the stairs as easily as they used to. Take note of the surroundings, too. Are there any loose or aggressive dogs roaming around? Is it near a busy street? For dogs that like to bolt out the door, this could cause problems.

Prepare Them

Make sure your dog is prepared to move by acclimating them to car rides. If your pup only knows the car as a trip to the vet, it’s time to take them on short car rides to get them used to it. That way, they won’t totally panic on moving day.

You can even try keeping your dog in a crate while in the car if they feel more comfortable. Some dogs associate the crate the safety and may feel better in the car.

Keep Them Confined

Nothing is worse than losing your dog – especially on moving day. Keep your pup in a separate room or confined to a crate during the move.

Bring the Necessities

Make sure you have all the necessary dog items with you. That means health and vaccination records, rabies certificates, a pet first aid kit, ID tags with your new address and phone number, extra towels, and a separate, easily identifiable and accessible bag with all their items.

Keep Them Confined, Again

Once you’re in your new home, make sure your pup is confined again. Keeping them in their crate or in a separate room is even more important since they aren’t used to this home and can easily run away out of fear.

Keep Up the Routine

Even though moving might mean a new routine for you, it shouldn’t mean a new routine for your dog. Keep everything the same – their feeding schedule, walk schedule, and even try and place their beds and toys in a similar location. Changes should only be made once your pup has adjusted to their new home.

Keep Calm and Move On

Dogs easily pick up on our moods. So if you’re stressed, they’re more likely to be stressed, too. The calmer you are the calmer your pup will be – and, the smoother then move will go!

Although moving can be stressful and hectic, it’s also fun! Moving to a new place and exploring a new area is a new adventure for both you and your pup. Use these tips and tricks to make the move as smooth as possible.

What are your favorite tips for moving with your furry friend?