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The PupJoy Post

Top 10 Travel Tips from Dog-Friendly Hotels

Do you love to travel with your pet? I do – in fact at PupJoy we ALL travel with our pets and love to share our experiences!

I have always loved taking my dogs on vacation, traveling with your four-legged BFF can be loads of fun and now, with the hotel industry experiencing a boom in pet-friendly hotels it is easier than ever to travel with your furry companion. In fact, over half of U.S. hotels now allow pets!

We work with lots of hotels on their pet friendly programs and asked them for their advice on top tips for traveling with your pup. Here's the top ten list for hotel trips with your pup!

1. Phone in advance to check the hotel pet prices and policies. Pet fees vary by night or by duration and some hotels charge a non-refundable cleaning fee. Make sure you know before you go so you are not hit with surprise costs at check-in!

2. Check the pet rules for leaving your dog alone in the room! Some hotels have strict policies on leaving your dog in the room alone. Know before you go AND always tell the front desk if your pup is alone in the room. This way they can stop housekeeping from going in and minimize stress on your pup!

3. Acclimatize your dog with their new digs! Make sure they are comfortable with their favorite toys and treats. Many hotels offer your BFF a welcome gift including treats, toys and water bowls (some even give you a PupJoy box!) - ask about this when you book! This makes their trip fun and exciting - I mean show me a dog who doesn't love treats and toys!!

4. Only leave your furry companion alone for short periods of time at first so they know you are coming back and don't feel anxious! Eat dinner in your room the first night so they feel at home!

5. If your budget allows get a two-room suite and house your pup in the room furthest away from the corridor. This stops them being disturbed by people walking up and down the corridor!

6. Dogs love to hear sounds so turn on the TV! This keeps them entertained and distracts them from corridor noises. Even better check out DOGTV a streamable 24 hr TV channel made just for dogs!

7. A tired dog is a happy dog. The average adult dog sleeps for 12 - 14 hours a day so take your BFF out and about and wear them out! The more activities you can do during the day the easier it will be to leave them alone sleeping whilst you enjoy an evening out.

8. If you leave the hotel room check in with the front desk. Make sure you can be contacted at ALL times in case of an emergency! Leave your phone on or at least on vibrate if you have to have it turned off!

9. If your pup has a problem being left alone you may consider asking the hotel for a list of pet sitters who can come to your hotel and sit with your dog or take them for a walk. Most hotels will have a list of local companies and Wag! has screened and certified dog walkers & sitters in most cities across the country. 

10. Have FUN!! Your dog loves nothing more than being with you! Ask the hotel for information on local parks, hikes, best dog-friendly restaurants and make this a holiday that you both remember FURever!