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The PupJoy Post

Why Are Dogs Obsessed With Chewing?

Most dogs love to chew – often on everything and anything they can get their paws on. But why do they love to chew so much? Is it ingrained in them? Or is a learned habit?

We’ve got your answers.

For starters, dogs love to chew because it is a natural behavior for them. In the same way humans use their hands to explore and investigate, dogs use their mouths to explore their own environment.

Puppies chew as a way to help with teething. Similar to human babies, puppies’ gums are irritated and sore during teething, so they turn to chewing as a way to relieve the pain.

Moreover, pups love to chew as a way to release energy and combat boredom. When they aren’t sleeping, dogs love to explore and they need a way to release their energy. If they aren’t able to release it through physical exercise, they’ll turn to chewing to keep occupied.




To ensure your dog doesn’t become a destructive chewer, make sure they receive enough exercise and attention. Anxious or nervous dogs may chew more than others but with the proper amount of exercise and attention, they’ll most likely stick to the approved toys.

And while you can certainly teach them not to gnaw on your favorite pair of sneakers, they are still going to want to chew something.

But, some dogs are more enthusiastic about chewing than others. Depending on their size, they might be more powerful than smaller pups. So, they’ll need a more powerful set of chew toys.

That’s we developed the Power Chewers Box. Built for toughest pups around, it features an assortment of hearty chews, all-natural treats, and ultra-durable toys that are up for the challenge – and then some.