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Yuck! How to Clean Your Dog's Icky Toys

Dog: Yay, a game of fetch!!

You: Ewwww, this toy’s disgusting!

Us: It might be time to give your dog’s toys a bath.

Every dog has her favorites. That ratty squirrel she’s had since puppyhood. Or the squeaky cheeseburger that never fails to entertain.

Unfortunately, the best loved toys are often the first ones to go. Before you waste time cleaning her slobbery companions, you need to assess the damage.

If any of her toys have been chewed open, throw them out so she doesn’t ingest any of the insides.

Loose squeakers are particularly dangerous, and should be taken away immediately. Don’t worry — you can get non-toxic, safe replacements in our shop.

How to Clean Icky Dog Toys

If the toy comes with cleaning instructions, follow those. Otherwise, keep reading.

Rubber/Plastic Toys

For minor cleaning, soapy water should do the trick. For caked-on grime, add 1 part vinegar to 2 parts warm water, and soak at least 15 minutes. Gently scrub the toy with a sponge or bottle brush, and rinse thoroughly.
Make sure the toys are completely dry before letting your gal play with them again.

We’re big fans of the Weenut, by the way. Indestructible.

Plush Toys

Regular plush toys can be put into your washing machine on a normal cycle, with warm or cold water and regular detergent. If they don’t have any squeaky or rattly parts, they can go in a gentle tumble dry cycle too. We suggest regularly throwing the toys in the wash with your towels.

 Our favorite plush toy at the moment is this guy. It’s just too cute.

Plush Toys with Squeaker

You can still wash squeaker toys; they just need a little extra TLC. Put them in your washing machine with cold water only, and skip the dryer. Air dry to preserve any squeaker / crinkle components. (Just make sure you hang it in a place where your dog can’t see.)

 Humans should have fun with dog toys too. This poo toy = mission accomplished.

 Toys That are Beyond All Help

 I know there are some dog owners reading this and thinking, “Who is this miracle dog that leaves her toys intact enough to wash?”

 We hear you. Your yard is littered with desecrated tennis balls, right?

 The best solution for you is a dog subscription box. Every month (or however often you choose), you’ll get a box filled with well-made, durable toys (and treats, and leashes, and lots of other necessities).

You can choose the type of toy your dog likes best, and maybe even find her some new favorites.

Check out our boxes here.

 The stimulation of new, exciting toys will be good for her, and maybe she’ll stop destroying everything she touches.

 And you won’t have to wash those slobbery toys anymore, or pick up tennis ball scraps every other week.

 That’s what we call a win-win.